Web Site Design, Optimization, and Management Services

Developing web sites that produce measurable results for small businesses

Someone really smart once said, “A web site isn’t supposed to be a work of art –it’s an essential business system.” We couldn’t agree more, and that philosophy guides our approach to web site design and development.

When it comes to web site design, small business owners frequently get stuck on trying to create an ultimate expression of their creative vision, rather than developing a business tool that’s effective at raising awareness and generating new customers. At Lifeline Marketing, our goal is to cut through the confusion and help you focus on what matters most: measurable results.

Web site design starts and ends with success

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Web site design - the outward appearance of a site - is just one piece that makes up a successful small business web site.

Instead of starting with a blank canvas, we begin the web site design process with a proven framework that provides all the fundamental elements for a successful web site, including a structure which incorporates best practices for search engine optimization. From there, we’ll customize the web site to reflect your business model, brand identity, and aesthetic sensibilities. The finished product is an affordable, effective web site that will work for your business by converting visitors to leads and customers, without making it look like you settled for a generic template.

All the web sites we develop utilize industry-standard content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal, along with a commercially licensed development framework. The CMS and framework make it possible to update, expand, and enhance your web site without specialized coding or programming skills. We can even provide training so you or your staff can maintain the web site without outside help.

Optimizing existing web sites

If your company already has a web site, it may be possible to optimize and enhance it to support your online marketing efforts. We can quickly assess the capabilities of your site and make concrete recommendations to improve its lead generation and conversion performance.

Maintaining your web site

A web site, like any mission-critical business system, needs to be maintained. A neglected web site can create negative impressions about your business, and its security can be compromised. If you prefer to focus on what you do best and let experts handle the maintenance and upkeep of your site, we’re ready to help.

Lifeline Marketing clients tell us the only regret they have about using our web site design and management services is that they waited as long as they did to get started. Don’t make the mistake of putting off something you need to be doing today. Contact us right now for a free online marketing consultation, including an in-depth marketing analysis of your current web site design – a $199 value.