Integrated Marketing Services

Combining online and traditional marketing for maximum impact

Question: is integrated marketing another buzzword, or something you need? Answer: yes.

What is integrated marketing anyway?

integrated marketing - los angeles marketing services small businessSimply put, integrated marketing is a recognition that prospects and customers will interact with your brand both online and offline, across multiple types of media. This necessitates creating a consistent, seamless experience for anyone who encounters your business, regardless of media.

A holistic approach ensures that your marketing messages reinforce each other, rather than sowing confusion or dissonance. Consumers are under a constant assault by a blitz of advertising messages everywhere they turn, leading to continually shrinking attention spans. Only brands which are consistent and relevant have any hope of cutting through the noise to create memorable impressions.

No single channel can reach your entire target market. So it is essential to employ multiple marketing vectors to generate awareness, build trust, ensure brand recall when a customer is ready to buy, and inspire referrals and repeat business.

How Lifeline Marketing can help

We help you leverage a combination of online and traditional media to reach your target market, make high-impact brand impressions, build your reputation, and grow your business.

Our expertise covers a wide range of marketing communications disciplines, including direct mail, public relations, print advertising, radio and TV spots, printed collateral and sales tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, brand development, and much more. And of course, we are experts in online marketing as well.

Whether you need to do something as traditional as a postcard mailing, or as cutting edge as setting up a CRM system like Salesforce or Sugar, we can do the heavy lifting for you -- so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Along the way, we’ll make sure your brand identity and value proposition is communicated consistently and congruently across all media.

Lifeline Marketing clients tell us the only regret they have about using our integrated marketing services is that they waited as long as they did to get started. Don’t make the mistake of putting off something you need to be doing today. Contact us right now for a free marketing consultation, including an in-depth marketing analysis of your current web site – a $199 value.