Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation Programs

Marketing programs that generate leads and put more prospects in your pipeline

You may not have heard the term “inbound marketing” before, but if you’ve visited the web sites of leading companies, you’ve undoubtedly seen it in action. The reason that companies of all sizes have embraced inbound marketing as a lead generation strategy is simple: it works.

Inbound marketing explained

inbound marketing lead generation smb - san pedro marketing servicesInbound marketing pulls potential customers in towards your company, in contrast with more traditional outbound marketing activities like broadcast and print advertising, direct mail, and email spam. Outbound marketing is all about interrupting someone in the hopes of even briefly getting their attention. Inbound marketing drives deeper levels of engagement with potential customers by offering  them useful and valuable information.

Inbound marketing has sometimes been called content marketing or permission marketing. The inbound process is making your company easy to find online, drawing potential customers to your web site, creating interesting content for web site visitors to consume, and developing trust with those visitors by establishing your company as a provider of reliable and authoritative information on topics related to your business.

At Lifeline Marketing, we develop dynamic inbound marketing programs that generate leads and put more prospects in your pipeline, whether your sales cycle is one day, or one year.

What isn’t inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is not blogging. While an inbound/content marketing strategy may leverage a section of your web site called “blog”, it is important to understand that simply posting bits of news and other musings to your web site is not going to produce meaningful results. Content created for inbound must be high quality, original content which is relevant to readers who are interested in topics related to your business. It must be informative, enlightening, and thought-provoking. And it needs to be carefully optimized for use by the search engines, without sacrificing its readability by humans.

Are other lead generation strategies obsolete?

We consider inbound/content marketing to be the most cost-effective, highest ROI lead generation program for the majority of small businesses. But other lead generation strategies can also be very effective. Our marketing experience predates the dawn of the Internet and covers the full spectrum of marketing disciplines. Lifeline Marketing is qualified to assist your business with more traditional lead generation and direct response marketing programs such as print advertising, radio spots, direct mail, and much more.

Lifeline Marketing clients tell us the only regret they have about using our inbound marketing and lead generation services is that they waited as long as they did to get started. Don’t make the mistake of putting off something you need to be doing today. Contact us right now for a free online marketing consultation, including an in-depth marketing analysis of your current web site design – a $199 value.